Who Voiced Genie Kh1?

Who voiced Genie kh1? Dan Castellaneta is the English dub voice of Genie in Kingdom Hearts, and Koichi Yamadera is the Japanese voice.

One may also ask, Why did Robin Williams voice the genie?

For The Return of Jafar, Williams was replaced as the voice of Genie by Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons) because of a fallout he had with Disney. This meant that Disney would not have been able to make toys using Williams' voice or use it to promote any products.

In this way, Did Robin Williams improvise the genie? During the course of recording the voices, Robin Williams improvised so much they had almost sixteen hours of material. Because Robin Williams ad-libbed so many of his lines, the script was rejected for a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award nomination.

Also to know is, Who voiced Genie in Aladdin 3?

Who was Genie's master before Aladdin?

Ajed Al-Gebraic is Genie's old master, who is very greedy.

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What was Aladdin's 3 wishes?

In the animated Disney version of Aladdin, Aladdin's three wishes were: 1) to make him a prince; 2) to save him from drowning; and 3) for the Genie to be free.

Why did Robin Williams not like Disney?

The dispute between the actor and Disney stemmed from the latter apparently breaching an agreement between the two parties that meant Disney could not use Williams or his voice to merchandise and market products for Aladdin.

Why is Robin Williams not in Aladdin 2?

Due to a well publicized bitter fall-out over the use of his voice in the marketing campaign for Aladdin, Robin Williams declined to reprise the role of the Genie, and was instead replaced by Dan Castellaneta (best known for voicing Homer Simpson).

How many voices did Robin Williams do?

Remembering Robin Williams - the man with 1000 voices.

Was Aladdin written for Robin Williams?

Longtime Disney animator Ron Clements co-directed Disney's 1992 “Aladdin” alongside John Musker. [Co-writer and co-director] John Musker and I wrote the original script with the specific idea that Robin would voice the genie and that he would be a visual as well as vocal shape-shifter.

Who else auditioned for the Genie in Aladdin?

It seemed like pure madness that Disney would even try. In the end, Will Smith was the one chosen to be the live-action Genie, and based on the fact that the movie has made over $1 billion, the idea seems to have been a good one.

Who does Robin Williams imitate in Aladdin?

#5: Groucho Marx

Robin Williams impersonates Groucho's usual clever, sarcastic voice and trademark appearance when telling Aladdin that he gets no refunds on his wishes, likely in reference to Groucho's part in the film “A Night in Casablanca,” which saw him running a hotel.

Why did Robin Williams come back for Aladdin 3?

Robin Williams returned to voice the Genie after Disney apologized for the use of his likeness in the promotion of the original Aladdin film (Williams believed Disney had broken the terms of his contract).

What is Dumbo's real name?

Dumbo's real name is Jumbo, Jr. He is given the nickname Dumbo by one of the other elephants.

Did the Genie keep his powers?

In Aladdin 2019, Genie becomes a full-on human instead of merely being given freedom; his physical change means that he loses his blue form and magic abilities, leading to him taking on a brand new life. That new life does see him travel the world still, but with an added twist.

How did Genie become a Genie?

Being a Genie, he was created from the smokeless fire, along with the Angels by God at the beginning of time. Genie was originally a slave imprisoned within his lamp, which, itself, was sealed away in the Cave of Wonders for 10,000 years.

What did the Genie say to Aladdin?

“Ten Thousand Years Will Give You Such A Crick In The Neck!” (Aladdin) This is the first line that Genie says in Aladdin and it sets the tone for him as a character perfectly.

Is Aladdin a real story?

Aladdin, along with Ali Baba, is one of One Thousand and One Night's "orphan tales." They weren't a part of the initial Arabic text. According to scholars, it's likely Diyab based the story from his own experiences as a Middle Eastern man experiencing France for the first time.

What kind of animal was Abu?

Abu the capuchin monkey will also purloin your heart.

What can you not wish for in Aladdin?

Genie offers Aladdin three wishes on anything he wished, with explicitly only three limitations: Genie could not kill anyone, make anyone fall in love, or bring people back from the dead (although his words implied that he could bring people back from the dead, but it is so horrifying that he will not do it) - and also

Is Aladdin based off of Arabian Nights?

Aladdin is part of a centuries-old stories-within-a-story called The Thousand and One Nights (also called The Arabian Nights).

Who are Robin Williams children?

How much did Robin Williams make for Genie?

In gratitude for his success with Touchstone Pictures' Good Morning, Vietnam, Robin Williams voiced the Genie for SAG scale pay—$75,000—instead of his asking fee of $8 million, on condition that his name or image not be used for marketing, and his (supporting) character not take more than 25% of space on advertising

Is Robin Williams dead?

Robin Williams

Is Aladdin 2 coming out?

The next thing you need to think about is Disney's schedule. Lucky for us, there are many untitled live action Disney movies set to hit theatres in 2021, 2022, and beyond. And if they follow the same month, which they likely will, expect Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar live action release date to be May 2022.

What did Robin Williams voice?

Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) was an American actor and stand-up comedian. He's known for voicing: Fender Pinwheeler in Robots, Genie in Aladdin and Aladdin and the King of Thieves and Ramon and Lovelace in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.

Who is the most famous voice actor?

5 Most Famous Voice Actors in History

  • Cree Summer. Cree Summer has been a voice actor since way back in 1983 when she first started on Inspector Gadget.
  • Tara Strong. Tara Strong has had dozens of voice talent roles for many decades.
  • Mel Blanc.
  • Phil Lamarr.
  • Nancy Cartwright.
  • Now Your Know The Most Famous Voice Actors.

  • What characters did Robin Williams?

    10 Of Robin Williams's Funniest Characters, Ranked

  • 3 Armand Goldman (The Birdcage)
  • 4 Professor Philip Brainard (Flubber)
  • 5 Peter Pan (Hook)
  • 6 Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning Vietnam)
  • 7 Mork From Ork (Mork and Mindy)
  • 8 The Timekeeper (Disney Attraction)
  • 9 Fender (Robots)
  • 10 Batty Koda (FernGully)

  • Did the Aladdin cast really sing?

    The answer, surprisingly, is both. Parts, like that opening segment of Speechless, were sung live on set. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmell on his US chat show, Scott said: “I was [singing] for a lot of it, yeah. “We had the amazing Simon Hayes, who won the Oscar for Les Mis.”

    Who actually sings in Aladdin?

    With each new look at the film promising a plethora of delightful surprises, one thing we couldn't help but wonder is if those angelic vocals are really coming from Jasmine's actress, Naomi Scott. The short answer — yes. The long answer — hell yes!

    Who played genie in Aladdin 2019?

    Will Smith plays the role of the Genie in Aladdin. His character was a comedic inclusion in the script and possessed the power to grant three wishes of the person who possessed the magical lamp.

    Who was the first choice for Jasmine in Aladdin?

    Tara Sutaria revealed she was the first choice to play Disney's Jasmine. Read the story for more details. Tara Sutaria made a stunning debut in the year 2019 with Student Of The Year 2.

    Who else was considered for Genie?

  • 1 Lin Manuel Miranda.
  • 2 Jim Carrey.
  • 3 James Monroe Iglehart.
  • 4 Dwayne Johnson.
  • 5 Bill Hader.

  • What nationality is Naomi Scott?

    Naomi Scott

    Did Robin Williams do more than one voice in Aladdin?

    It sounds like him, but Disney usually has different people doing the speaking and singing voices, especially when "Aladdin" came out. Robin Williams did most of the singing parts for the genie in "Aladdin" (1992), but not all.

    Who does the Genie impersonate in Aladdin 1992?

    1) Genie's pretty amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

    This was, obviously, in reference to Arnold the bodybuilder of the '90s. We definitely did not get this reference as kids because we were too young to be aware of him when Aladdin came out in 1992.

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