What’s The Meaning Of Spare Parts?

What's the meaning of spare parts? : an extra part of a vehicle or machine kept for use in emergency or replacement.

Also, What is another word for spare parts?

Along with, What does spare mean in slang? scanty or meagre. (postpositive) British slang upset, angry, or distracted (esp in the phrase go spare) SEE MORE. noun. a duplicate kept as a replacement in case of damage or loss.

Subsequently, What is spare parts store?

The function of a spare parts warehouse is to stock all critical inventory parts, material, and tools necessary to maintain and keep a manufacturing line up and operational. Often, spare parts warehouses are treated as a stepchild to the procurement or manufacturing of a business.

What does feeling like a spare part mean?

singular ​informalsomeone who is not needed or useful. I felt like such a spare part.

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Why do we need spare parts?

In the world of manufacturing that's controlled by demand, spare parts are essential assets for maintaining high productivity. Having spare parts available right away allows you to meet or exceed your production goals and ensure the on-time shipment and delivery of your products.

What does spares mean in English?

1 : to forbear to destroy, punish, or harm. 2 : to refrain from attacking or reprimanding with necessary or salutary severity. 3 : to relieve of the necessity of doing or undergoing something spare yourself the trouble. 4 : to refrain from : avoid spared no expense.

What are antonyms for spare?

spareverb. Antonyms: spend, squander, waste, lavish, scatter, expend, pour, indulge, vent. Synonyms: save, afford, grant, reserve, do without, husband, economize, retain, save, grudge, discard, omit, forbear, withhold, refrain, abstain.

What is capital spare?

A Capital Spare is a piece of equipment, or a spare part, of significant cost that is maintained in inventory for use in the event that a similar piece of critical equipment fails or must be rebuilt.

What is a spare man?

slang upset, angry, or distracted (esp. in the phrase go spare) n. 15 a duplicate kept as a replacement in case of damage or loss.

What does it mean to spare something on twitter?

Daniel #keepgio‏ @DanDizzle8 Apr 1. Replying to @_alexf1_ Spare 9 means that you are only 9 followers away from having a round number, like when you have 291 followers and you are 9 away from 300. 0 replies 0 retweets 7 likes. 7.

What is meant by spare parts management?

A spares management process is a system between a company and a spare parts supplier to provide a direct way to inventory and ship spares before you need them.

What is the difference between consumable and spare parts?

Consumables are those which are not replaced or which are finished during the process. For ex. Oil, Hand Gloves, Coolant etc. Spares are those which are replaced and doesn't vanishes from the machine during process.

How do I plan my spare parts?

  • Choose a Method for Labeling Critical Components.
  • Balance Inventory Volume With Sawtooth Diagrams.
  • Keep Your Bill of Materials up to Date.
  • Calculate Optimal Economic Order Quantity.
  • Develop a Standard Work Order Process.

  • What does the wrong number mean?

    To have dialed the incorrect phone number when trying to call someone. Usually said when one answers such a phone call. I'm sorry, there's no one by that name here—I think you have the wrong number.

    How do you define critical spare parts?

    Critical spare parts are the parts within critical equipment that, should they fail, will badly reduce or stop production, or harm our business, or a person, or our community, or our world.

    How do I start a successful parts department?

  • Understand your OEM programs.
  • Manage your obsolescence.
  • Invest in your parts department.
  • Have a purchasing plan.
  • Embrace change.
  • Never too late.

  • How do you maintain critical spares?

  • Identify critical motors. Get to know your motor inventory: identify and classify your motors based on their criticality.
  • Compare carrying costs to downtime. Maintaining a spare motors inventory can be expensive.
  • Maintain your spares.
  • Hire a spare parts management firm.

  • What is the example of a spare?

    Spare is defined as something that is not in regular use or is extra. An example of spare is a guest bedroom. An example of spare is a tire in the car trunk. To give or grant out of one's resources; afford.

    Did not spare meaning?

    1 tr to refrain from killing, punishing, harming, or injuring.

    What is a spare in high school?

    "Spare" might be a slang expression for "free period", meaning she has no scheduled class during that time, but this is not common in US public schools. – Andrew. Apr 8 '18 at 11:51. It's a private american high school.

    Can spare some time meaning?

    You can spare time for someone/something — that is, to reserve the time in order to spend it with someone or doing something. You might ask someone “Can you spare me ten minutes?”, asking whether they can avoid doing anything else for ten minutes so that they can spend it with you or doing something for you.

    What is the synonyms of sparing?

    Some common synonyms of sparing are economical, frugal, and thrifty. While all these words mean "careful in the use of one's money or resources," sparing stresses abstention and restraint.

    Are spare parts assets?

    Repairable spare parts are classified as other non-current assets similar to property, plant and equipment, rather than inventory because such parts are repaired and re-used over a long period of time, between three and ten years, the same period over which such parts are amortized.

    Can you depreciate spare parts?

    When treated as inventory, the spare parts are not depreciated and are expensed when placed in service, similar to maintenance expense. When considered to be long-lived assets, the spare parts are depreciated over their useful lives or the remaining service lives of the related equipment.

    Are spare parts consumables?

    Consumables are those which are not replaced or which are finished during the process. For ex. Oil, Hand Gloves, Coolant etc. Spares are those which are replaced and doesn't vanishes from the machine during process.

    What does it mean to spare someone?

    to prevent someone from experiencing an unpleasant, painful, or embarrassing situation or feeling. spare someone something: Thank God she had been spared the ordeal of surgery.

    What does spare change mean?

    : a small amount of money that someone does not need The beggar asked us if we had any spare change.

    How can I use the word spare in a sentence?

    Spare sentence example

  • This list goes on, but I will spare you.
  • What else are you doing to fill in all your spare time?
  • But I shall spare her.
  • I only wish I could spare my brother the first moments.
  • I have brought a spare uniform.
  • Can you spare a few days get together?
  • They won't spare you.

  • What does spare your life mean?

    : to choose not to kill someone No one knows why he spared their lives.

    What is D word in twitter?

    A “DM,” or “direct message,” is a private message between two Twitter users. It's different than a public @mention because in order to send a DM, the recipient must follow you.

    What is D word?

    The D-Word is an online community for professionals in the documentary film industry. The name "D-Word" is defined as "industry euphemism for documentary," as in: "We love your film but we don't know how to sell it. It's a d-word." As of 2019 it has over 17,000 members in 130 countries.

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