What’s The Difference Between Fox 36 And 38?

What's the difference between Fox 36 and 38? The names say everything: The Fox 36 has 36mm diameter stanchions and the Fox 38 has, you guessed it, 38mm diameter stanchions. Also the 38 has an elliptical steer tube with more material on the front and rear of the inside of the steer tube, whereas the 36 has a standard round steer tube.

what's more, What does 34 mean in Fox 34?

There are two chassis models for the Fox 34, the standard 34 with travel options from 120mm-140mm and then the Fox 34SC, stands for Step Cast. The Step Cast version has been made specifically for 120mm travel and cuts weight down as much as possible, perfect for that beefy xc bike when the 32mm Fox fork doesn't cut it.

On the contrary, Why is it called Fox 36? Stanchion Diameter

Fox's fork families are named by their stanchion (upper tube) diameter in millimeters. 32 forks are the lightest XC and gravel forks, 34 are lightweight trail forks, 36 is the trail/enduro fork, 38 is the stoutest enduro fork, and 40 is the triple crown DH fork.

Also, What's the difference between Fox 40 and Fox 49?

Are Fox forks worth it?

That said, they really are very good forks/dampers. Even the lower models include the proper damping circuits (high and low speed) that will allow the fork to react well to high and low-speed impacts. The basic idea is that fox doesn't make "cheap" forks, like RS, Marzocchi and others do.

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What is a Fox 49?

The Fox 49 Float Factory FIT GRIP2 29er Fork 2019 is designed for the latest generation of DH racing bikes, featuring the new FIT GRIP2 damper & boost spacing. The Fox 49 Float Factory FIT GRIP2 29er Fork 2019 is designed for the latest generation of DH racing bikes, featuring the new FIT GRIP2 damper & boost spacing.

What's the difference between FOX 34 and 36?

Roughly summed up, the 32 series of forks are made for cross-country and light trail use, the 34 forks are meant for all-around trail use, the 36 is for heavy-duty trail/all-mountain use, the 38 is for enduro riding and racing while the dual crown 40 is made for downhill and extreme gravity riding.

Is Kashima coating worth it?

So is it worth getting Kashima Coat? It definitely has some value, so it's not completely worthless. In general, I believe it is safe to say that it is not worth it on rear shocks, since they generally have low amounts of friction and negligible durability concerns.

What are Float forks?

The fork frames with floating forks aid pick up of loads on uneven ground by allowing fork tines to ride up and down as they enter the load.

How much do Fox bike forks cost?

$599.00. FOX 38 Factory Suspension Fork - 29", 160 mm, 15QR x 110 mm, 44 mm Offset, Shiny Black, Grip 2. $1,249.00.

How much travel does the 27.5 Fox 40 have?

The 40 is available in 203mm travel and 29” and 27.5” dedicated forks. But Fox actually offers four different crown offsets, from 44mm to 56mm, along with a flat and drop top crown in every offset. There's actually a 190mm air spring assembly available too, giving an option for a slightly shorter 40, if you so wish.

How do I install Fox 40 forks?

  • Unscrew the air cap on top of the left fork leg counter-clockwise to expose the Schrader valve.
  • Attach a FOX High Pressure Pump to the Schrader valve.
  • Pump your fork to the appropriate pressure as listed in the 'Suggested starting points for setting sag' table below, then remove the pump.

  • Is Rock Shox good?

    RockShox produces forks and shocks for everything from cross country to downhill riding at every price point. In addition to front and rear suspension, RockShox also developed the Reverb adjustable-height seatpost; the first dropper post to earn a five star rating from our testers.

    How can I tell what year my Fox fork is?

    Registered. You need either the serial # that's under the crown or the 4 digit letter/number code on the back of the left hand leg of the forks.

    What is Stepcast?

    The Step-Cast chassis allows Fox to shorten the damper rod and air spring rod since the fork is only offered with 120mm of travel and reduce the overall weight as much as possible. The Step Cast 34 is just as stiff as the traditional 140mm 34 fork, while being 0.5 lbs lighter.

    What is the Fox 36 made of?

    Thanks everyone. Confirmed with Fox and the lowers are made of magnesium.

    Do Fox forks come with a pump?

    Typically, Fox's air forks do come with a shock pump. The last few factory forks I have received, did not come with pumps.

    Is Fox 36 rhythm a good fork?

    As we said of the Fox 36 Rhythm, the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Air that we have tested is a solid performing fork, and it comes in at a significantly lower price than its higher-end siblings.

    What is an ebike fork?

    E-Tuned forks are, as you guessed, specifically tuned for an E-Bike. The weight, added forces, and style of riding that a typical E-bike will be put through all require something a little different than what your regular bike suspension would need.

    What color is Kashima?

    Kashima coating is a feature currently only found on Fox forks and shocks*. It's easy to spot from it's distinctive dark brown color.

    Does Kashima do anything?

    Kashima Coat is a proprietary hard anodizing process process invented by the Miyaki Company og Japan. Kashima Coat improves on lubrication and corrosion resistance vs conventional hard anodizing and other common types of coating such as Teflon, Graphite, and Tungsten disulfide.

    What is the difference between Fox Factory and performance?

    Performance Elite has higher grade aluminium uppers with black anodising. Factory has higher grade aluminium uppers with kashima. Performance Elite and Factory are only cosmetically different. Everything is interchangable and damper options are the same.

    Can I run 27.5 wheels on a 29er fork?

    If you're doing a 29er fork on a frame intended for 27.5, and you run a 29" wheel, it will slow the steering down, raise the BB, and slacken the head tube. If you're running a 27.5 wheel in a 29er fork, regardless of intended rear wheel size, it will make the handling slower and sloppy.

    Who makes Manitou forks?

    As said, marzocchi is now owned by fox (as of last year?), manitou is owned by hayes (brakes, for a long time now). Thing is, rockshox being part of sram and fox being, well fox, they have the budget to go all in in the oem market, where as the two m's just haven't been able to.

    What is an air spring fork?

    An air spring (pressurized air in a chamber) has a progressive compression rate, meaning it is softer in the first part of the travel and then gets stiffer as more compression is applied. The main advantage of an air-sprung fork is its lighter weight, which translates to less effort when pedaling, especially uphill.

    Are Fox forks the best?

    Available in 170–180 mm travel, it's the ideal complement to the latest hard-hitting, gravity-focussed 29er enduro rigs and eMTBs. Overall, for those looking to push their riding very hard in the bike park, the FOX 38 is the best performing enduro fork on the market we've tested, taking the Best In Test.

    What is the most expensive bike fork?

    The most expensive mountain bike fork we have seen so far is the Message Boost Fork by Trust Performance for $2,700. This fork has 130mm of travel, and the lower material and crown material are both made of carbon. The steer tube diameter is tapered going from 1 and 1/8 inches to 1 and a half inches.

    Where is the serial number on a Fox fork?

    Recalled forks can be identified by the serial number, which is found on the underside of the crown after removing the front wheel.

    Where is the part number on Fox shocks?

    It's on the inside. You have to let the pressure out, unscrew the can and read the very poorly punched number sequence from the square centre thing on the inside. There are two parts to the serial number, make sure you get both of them, or you'll have to open it again and get the other part. lol.

    How do you measure Fox forks?

    Use a zip tie around the stanchion to make the measurement. Push the zip tie down to the wiper seal and then compress the fork all the way. This is your total travel. Then fill the fork to your regular pressure, push the zip tie back down to the wiper, and go ride your favorite trail.

    Why is Fox Suspension good?

    The aluminum body of the Fox 2.0 shocks provide a couple different benefits; lighter overall weight, and more importantly, better heat dissipation. The longer a shock can remain cool, or shed heat, the better performance it provides due to less cavitation of shock fluid inside the shock.

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