What Punctuation Comes After PS?

What punctuation comes after PS? The Cambridge Dictionary also says that P.S. (with periods after each letter) is the American English format. Indeed, you'll often find it abbreviated as such in the US. But The Chicago Manual of Style favors PS, without the periods.

Considering this, Is it PS or PS or PS?

PS is an abbreviation of the Latin term postscriptum, which translates to written after. Both PS or P.S. are correct. The postscript dates back to an age when letters were handwritten or typed out on a typewriter.

Considering this, Is PS formal? Is PS Formal? “PS” can be used in either formal or informal letters and emails, as long as the tone and context more or less match that of the rest of the message.

Along with, What does P stand for?

What is PS slang?

PS is widely used with the meaning "Post Script." It comes from the Latin "postscriptum," which means "written after." In this context, a PS is usually an additional thought added to letters or messages after they have been completed. PS I love you.

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Should you use a P.S. in business letters?

A postscript is useful if the writer wishes to emphasize some point in the letter or if a point worthy of mention arises after the letter has been written. The use of a postscript precludes the need to rewrite the letter.

Does the P.S. go before or after the CC?

Postscripts always go at the end of the letter, following the signature. I would normally rewrite a formal/business letter to avoid postscripts, particularly if the letter is to go to several people. If you do have one, then the cc line follows.

What is P.S. in Tagalog?

In the Filipino language, “P.S.” or postscript can be translated as “Pahabol-Sulat”. Much like your regular post scripts in English, the “pahabol-Sulat” can be used to place emphasis on a key topic that was not found in the Text Body.

What can I use instead of PS?

When can you use an em dash?

The em dash can be used in place of a colon when you want to emphasize the conclusion of your sentence. The dash is less formal than the colon. After months of deliberation, the jurors reached a unanimous verdict⁠—guilty.

How do you use an em dash?

Em dashes are often used to set off parenthetical information. Using em dashes instead of parentheses puts the focus on the information between the em dashes. For this usage, make sure you use two em dashes. Use one before the parenthetical information and one after it.

Is PPS or PPS after PS?

This, of course, is because “PS” stands for “postscript”. This comes from the Latin “post scriptum” (sometimes written “postscriptum”), which translates to “written after”, or more to the point, “what comes after the writing”.

What is PSS short for?

What does letter P mean in texting?

The term /P is a tone indicator that stands for “platonic.” It's just a way for clarifying that you're not being flirtatious or sexual while texting. It's added to the end of a message after the traditional punctuation.

What does Colon P mean?

;P means "Winking and Sticking Tongue Out." The icon also exists with a colon instead of a semicolon (i.e., the eye is not winking): :P. (tongue sticking out but no winking eye)

What does IH mean?

Why do they call money PS?

How do you use P.S. in Facebook?

1. Place the postscript at the bottom of the page, two lines under your name and signature. Write the abbreviation for postscript as P.S., followed by your ending comment.

What is the meaning of P.S. in address?

Explanation: P.O. means Post Office and P.S. means Police Station. This is a part of the address.

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