What Happens If You Mutate On Your Commander?

What happens if you mutate on your commander? So, the new mutate abilty reads : As a mutating creature spell resolves, instead of entering the battlefield, it merges with its target into one creature. Its controller chooses to put the resolving mutating creature spell on top of its target or underneath it.

Secondly, How does mutate work with Commander?

A mutating creature spell that resolves doesn't enter the battlefield. It simply merges with the target creature. As this happens, the controller of the mutating creature spell chooses whether to put it on top of the target creature or on bottom.

Then, Does mutate count as entering the battlefield? If I cast a creature spell for its mutate cost to mutate an existing creature on the battlefield, does that trigger “enter the battlefield” effects? No, the resolving mutating creature spell doesn't enter the battlefield. It simply makes the creature that was already on the battlefield change characteristics.

One may also ask, Is mutate a cast trigger?

Although awesome, mutate is a very new and different mechanic, so it's worth walking through exactly what it does. Mutate is (currently) an ability found only on creatures. It's an alternate casting cost, like Kicker. Therefore, you cannot use the mutate abilities of creatures you already have in play.

Can you mutate onto a land?

Everything on a mutated created, as the result of mutate anyway, is a copiable value. So, if you mutate under an animated land, the entire pile stops being a creature when the animation effect wears off. If you put the animated land under another creature, the pile remains a creature.

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Can you copy a mutated creature?

Accepted Answer. As clarified by the release notes for Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, the characteristics added to a permanent by a mutating creature spell are copiable values, so they can be copied by another object (such as a token that's a copy of that permanent) (C.R. 706.2).

Do mutate abilities stack?

The resolving mutating creature spell doesn't enter the battlefield. It doesn't matter if the ability is on the existing creature (before it mutated) or on the new piece (the resolving mutating creature spell). They all trigger, and they can be put on the stack in any order.

Is mutate activated ability?

PSA: Mutate is apparently not an activated ability.

What happens if I mutate on to a planeswalker?

Yes. If the planeswalker is on top, it will no longer be a creature, but will still have the abilities of the creatures below. If the planeswalker is below, it will be a creature with loyalty abilities.

Can you mutate Gideon?

No, it can't, I presume, because it isn't a planeswalker anymore.

Can a creature mutate multiple times?

Mutate only appears on creature cards and creatures with mutate can always be cast as regular creatures. This new creature gains all features of the top card and the ability text of all cards underneath (yes, you can mutate a single creature multiple times).

What happens if you mutate onto a Manland?

It doesn't separate. Once Mutated, the cards remain merged no matter what; only changing zones can separate them. Stop thinking about the cards as separated permanents. They are now one permanent only.

Can you mutate a changeling?

Can You Mutate Onto a Changeling? Sadly, a creature with the changeling ability will also have the “human” creature type, and you can only mutate on non-human creatures. So no, you can't mutate onto a changeling.

Does Nylea affect mutate?

is the Mutate Cost still a Creature Spell and thus gets reduced by Nylea and other cards like her? In short: Mutate is cast as an alternate cost, but the spell is still a creature even when mutated on a creature (technically it's a part of one creature), so the cost reduction still applies.

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