What Does Yoongi Find Attractive?

What does Yoongi find attractive? Yoongi would definitely want a girl who was on the shorter side. He would like girls who were cute, but still sexy, more than grace and elegance. If his girlfriend has swag, it would be a definite plus.

Similarly one may ask, Who is Yoongi's ideal type?

Yoongi is an easy man, therefore his significant other should also be. For example, if his partner felt upset about something he did, Yoongi would rather want them to tell him straight away instead of having him guess. Someone who can remain calm, get him to smile and will boost him when he feels good about himself.

As well as, How would Suga treat his girlfriend? Suga would treat his girlfriend in one of the more 'unique' ways, for lack of a better word. He wouldn't be all lovey dovey, but he wouldn't be that kind of boyfriend who shoves away and never gives attention. He would give just the perfect amount of affection at all the right times.

Subsequently, What does Suga notice in a girl?

Suga would most likely note if a girl is as chilled as himself. If a girl takes things easily and stays out of unnecessary trouble, Suga would easily fall for her. Similar to J-Hope, Jimin would notice a girl's smile or her lips first. He is a very funny and outgoing person who loves to laugh and smile a lot as well.

What is BTS Suga ideal type?

On his ideal type

Suga has said that personality matters to him more than good looks. The Daechwita singer apparently wants someone who shares his taste in music so that they can have common interests to talk about. The singer's band members said that he is comfortable with the idea of a long distance relationship.

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Who is Suga GF?

The famous badboy, Suga, has had many dating rumors. In 2017, the beautiful singer Suran was rumoured to be his girlfriend, greatly shocking the fans! BigHit then released an official statement, claiming they are just co-workers. He's also an avid supported for LGBTQ+ rights.

Is Suga in a relationship?

"The dating rumors of Suga and Suran are not true," they said in a statement. "They have only worked on music production together." "We don't even have time to meet our family members." He added that, even if BTS members were to date, they could never have a traditional relationship.

Is Suga left handed?

Some people believe that those who are left-handed are more creative and interested in the arts. However, this K-pop group has seven members, six of them are said to be right-handed. RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, and Jimin are among them. His dominant hand, though, is his left hand most of the time.

What is BTS Suga ideal date?

The characteristics that Suga's ideal girl should have:

The BTS rapper prefers his future girlfriend to be shorter than him, to be an elegant person, with great internal and external beauty. Suga has expressed that he could date a fan.

Does BTS like Indian food?

Although BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are yet to touch down in India, a few members seem to have had a brush with a few dishes that are a part of the Indian cuisine. "The tofu tastes like milk," Jimin told Jungkook in the video.

How do I make BTS fall in love with me?

By making him a lunch box full of your cook, follow him on his food journey, tease him sometimes and do aegyo in front of him will really make a great feeling for him. That warm embrace from the back and breakfast in the morning, good walking and unlimited food dates if you were to be his wife soon.

Who is most likely to get married first in BTS?

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reporter asked the BTS members a question that evoked a unanimous answer from six out of the seven boys: "Who is most likely to get married first?" On a count of three, BTS members all pointed to Jungkook, to which the youngest member responded, "why me?"

What will Yoongi call his girlfriend?

In an interview, he said that he would want to call her “aegi”, which means baby. That implies that within the relationship, he would prefer the girl to be younger, as “aegi” is never really used in relationships where the girl is older. It shows that he will honestly coddle his girlfriend to death.

What happened to Suga?

What happened to Suga from BTS? The BTS member was eventually diagnosed in 2019 with a "posterior labral tear of his left shoulder." Though Suga received various treatments to help him perform, he continued to suffer from a wide range of symptoms including not being able to lift his arms and pain.

Are Suga and IU friends?

www. starbiz. netFind Out More About BTS's Suga and IU's Collaboration On “Eight” Friendship between K-Pop idols has very often been discussed among fans. From male idols to female idols, they are really close to each other because they feel comfortable and also often share each other's work.

Is Suga married to Jimin?

BTS' Jimin is single and unmarried till now. There have been a few link ups but he not married to anyone. However, as the boy band and Jimin enjoy a huge fan base all over the world, one such super fan got married to one of the cardboard of BTS' Jimin.

Is Suga rich?

If reports are to be believed, BTS member J-Hope is the richest among all with a net worth of around $26 million. He is followed by Suga with a net worth of around $25 million dollars.

What is Yoongi's favorite color?

Suga's favorite color is white.

What is Suga favorite number?

– His favorite color is white. – His favorite number is 3. – SUGA loves taking photos. – SUGA has a dog named Holly, who he absolutely adores.

Is Yoongi fluent in English?

Some fans on Quora state that Suga is another member who understands English very well. Though he may not be comfortable speaking it, Suga often says in interviews that he wishes he learned English sooner. One of the members who speaks English the most often is J-Hope.

Who is Yoongi crush?

05/8Suga. In the same interview, Suga, who's also one of the shy members of the group, revealed having a big time crush on Scarlett Johansson, also known as 'The Black Widow'.

What BTS said about India?

In the teaser of the interview, the band members were seen greeting fans with the traditional 'namaste' and then said, "Indian BTS Army, aap humare dil mein rehte hai (Indian BTS Army, you live in our hearts)."

Which language do BTS speak?

Korean fluently, obviously. A lot of the members can speak Japanese very well and they have released exclusively Japanese albums. Jin and J-Hope can speak good Chinese and RM can speak English.

Does BTS drink alcohol?

Being that all the members are now over 21 years old, (the youngest member, Jungkook, being born on Sept. 1, 1997), it comes as no surprise to fans that the boys in BTS drink alcohol. Drinking is a big part of Korean culture and according to For Travelista, the legal drinking age there is 19 years old.

How do I contact BTS?

BTS A.R.M.Y on Twitter: "SEND YOUR SMS NOW!: SMS type 방탄소년단 then send to +821119 ( Do not spam message.)"

What if BTS falls in love with the same girl?

The leader of BTS thinks that if he and his companions were in love with the same girl, he would not allow himself to be defeated by his rivals, or at least that was what he declared since the idol said in the interview: If that happened between BTS, since we are BTS, I would not give up.

What BTS v likes in a girl?

As reported by Koreaboo, V said, "A girl that knows how to save money when I make money, someone to stop me if I spend too much money, a girl that says to buy a house before a car, and someone that is willing to give everything to their parents."

Does J-Hope want to get married?

J-Hope and Jungkook seem to be in no rush to get married as they both wrote 100, jokingly. Seems like the duo is happy being single and giving all their love to BTS and ARMY instead! Jimin had an interesting way to write his ideal age to get married, which is 35-36.

Who is the GF of Kim Taehyung?

Twitter started speculating dating rumours between BTS' V also known as Kim Tae Hyung and actress Kim Yoo-Jung. The rumours escalated quickly after V shared stories of him on a subway, on the same day Kim Yoo-Jung shared a picture of her taking the subway.

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