What Does Pip Discover About Estella And Molly?

What does Pip discover about Estella and Molly? Summary: Chapter 48

When Jaggers mentions Estella's marriage shortly after Jaggers's housekeeper Molly walks in, Pip realizes that Molly is the person he couldn't place, the person Estella mysteriously resembles. He realizes at once that Molly must be Estella's mother.

Along with, What is the relationship between Magwitch and Estella?

Additionally, What is Pip's reaction to Provis? In time, the convict reveals his identity, and Pip's response is one of utter disgust. He instructs the convict to "keep off!" and remains standing "not to disguise that I wished him gone."

Besides, Why is Pip afraid for Provis?

Provis had tried to kill Compeyson while they were in prison. Now that Provis is out of prison Pip is afraid that because of Compeyson's fear of Provis, and if Compeyson is given the chance,he will turn informant against Provis and try to get Provis sent back to prison.

What happened to Pip and Estella?

Pip and Estella agree to remain friends. However, Pip will still live in Cairo and Estella has her own life. It is a happy ending in that the two of them have settled into life and are doing well enough, even though they cannot be together. Readers should appreciate that both Pip and Estella are broken psychologically.

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Why is Estella so mean to Pip?

Estella is mean to Pip because she thinks he is a "comman boy." At first, Estella is resistent to play with Pip in the beginning of their first encounter, but then she starts to be very mean to Pip. Estella is Miss Havisham's puppet. Estella is mean only because Miss Havisham tells her to.

How did Pip and Estella interact?

Pip enters and encounters Miss Havisham for the first time. When she tells him to call Estella, he is uncomfortable in calling out her name, but does so. Estella responds and Pip narrates that she came along "like a star." When Miss Havisham tells her she can play with Pip, Estella haughtily responds, "With this boy?

What is your understanding of the Pip Estella relationship?

Pip falls in love with the imperious Estella. He is the supplicant in the relationship, and she is the queen bee. When Pip comes into money from a mysterious benefactor, he jumps to the conclusion that it came from Miss Havisham. He believes she wants to make him a gentleman so that he can marry Estella.

Why does Pip fall in love with Estella?


Why? The most obvious answer is that he is attracted to her beauty and her social superiority; she is the remote princess of fairy tales. And so the the prospect of Pip's gaining her love would be remote as well.

How does Pip's discussion with Jaggers reveal information about Pip's benefactor?

How does Pip's discussion with Jaggers disabuse him of the notion that Miss Havisham has been his patron? Jaggers confirms that Magwitch is the very benefactor Pip has so long awaited, not Miss Havisham. Herbert tells Pip to leave England with Magwitch, to take him out of harm's way.

What does Pip confess to Estella?

Pip confesses that he loves Estella when he returns to Herbert in London. Herbert's advice would have been better if it told him to move on from Estella. Pip and Herbert visit the theatre because Wopsle is performing in his play that night.

What did Herbert tell Pip about Estella?

Herbert reveals how Estella is being used as a tool of vengeance by Miss Havisham. Herbert says that Estella is cold and haughty not because she is naturally as such but because Miss Havisham molded her that way so she could hurt men in Miss Havisham's place.

What chapter does Pip find out his benefactor?

Pip's Inheritance

Chapter 36 is Pip's 21st birthday. So Pip has finally come of age, which means that he is officially a man, and can receive his income. He also hopes that this is when he will officially find out who his benefactor is.

Who checks in on Provis when Pip can t?

Because of the mention of Provis, Pip decides he must go and barely catches the afternoon coach home. He ponders the wisdom of his decision, but feels he must see it through for Magwitch's safety. He orders dinner at a small inn and checks on Miss Havisham while waiting.

What effect does Magwitch's appearance have on Pip's feelings for Estella?

Pip thinks about Estella when Magwitch arrives because he realizes that he would never have been her equal if he had not been elevated by Magwitch. Pip considers the “abyss between Estella in her pride and beauty, and the returned transport” (ch 43, p. 238).

Who is Estella's biological mother?


Who is Estella's father?


What is the relationship between Estella and Miss Havisham?

The relationship between Estella and Miss Havisham in Great Expectations is one of teacher and pupil. In bringing up Estella, Miss Havisham is teaching her how to take revenge on the entire male sex. This is because Miss Havisham was stood up by her intended on the morning of their marriage.

Why does Estella say she has no heart?

Estella tells Pip she has no heart because she lacks sentimentality due to her upbringing by Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham's heart was broken by the betrayal of Compeyson and her brother, and it led her to use Estella to get revenge on the male sex.

What chapter does Estella and Miss Havisham argue?

In chapter 38, what is ironic about the argument between Estella and Miss Havisham? - eNotes.com.

How is Estella a victim in Great Expectations?

Estella is a victim of Miss Havisham's behavior and teaching. Estella does not learn what love is or how to love another person. Rather, Miss Havisham raises Estella to be a heart-breaker who tortures men.

What is your understanding of the Pip Estella relationship in the great expectations illustrate with examples?

In Great Expectations, Mr. Jaggers advises Pip, "Take nothing on appearances." Certainly, the Pip-Estella relationship is an example of the Appearances vs. He perpetuates his delusions by hoping that if he becomes a gentleman, Estella will accept him as an equal and requite his love.

How does Biddy respond when Pip tells her he loves her?

Pip responds to Biddy that he is not at all happy as he is; in fact, he is "disgusted with (his) calling and with (his) life". Biddy is sorry for Pip, and comments that his dissatisfaction is "a pity". She tells him that she only wants for him "to do well, and be comfortable".

What do the Marshes represent for Pip throughout the novel?

The misty marshes near Pip's childhood home in Kent, one of the most evocative of the book's settings, are used several times to symbolize danger and uncertainty. As a child, Pip brings Magwitch a file and food in these mists; later, he is kidnapped by Orlick and nearly murdered in them.

How does the relationship between Pip and Estella changes in the end of the novel?

She suffers through an abusive marriage, and she admits that it changed her. Pip and Estella meet again, but she is widowed, and a popular ending suggests they stayed together. These changes provide valuable lessons to both characters as they learn the value of being humble.

What does Estella represent in Great Expectations?

Though she represents Pip's first longed-for ideal of life among the upper classes, Estella is actually even lower-born than Pip; as Pip learns near the end of the novel, she is the daughter of Magwitch, the coarse convict, and thus springs from the very lowest level of society.

What is your understanding of the Pip?

A pip is a standardized unit and is the smallest amount by which a currency quote can change. It is usually $0.0001 for U.S.-dollar related currency pairs, which is more commonly referred to as 1/100th of 1%, or one basis point.

Is Herbert in love with Estella?

When they are grown up, Pip and Herbert share lodgings together. They become best friends and Pip is able to tell him of his intense love for Estella.

Is Estella Miss Havisham's daughter?

Miss Havisham's adopted daughter Estella has been brought up to a life of luxury, wealth and class.

How does Pip feel about his benefactor?

When Pip first learns that his benefactor and the one responsible for his great expectations is really Magwitch, the convict from the marshes, and not Miss Havisham, is anger and unhappiness overwhelm him. He suddenly gets deeply upset because he feels how he has deserted Joe.

How does Jaggers respond when Pip questions him about the identity of his benefactor Why?

Jaggers tells Pip straight out (in response to Pip's questions) that Magwitch has been the only one giving him money. He tells Pip that Miss Havisham had nothing to do with the money. This disabuses Pip of the notion (takes away the idea) that Miss Havisham has been the source of the money.

Who is Pip's secret benefactor?

The convict, not Miss Havisham, is Pip's secret benefactor. Pip is not meant to marry Estella at all. With a crestfallen heart, Pip hears that the convict is even now on the run from the law, and that if he is caught, he could be put to death.

What is the last thing Pip tells Magwitch?

In the end, Magwitch is dying—but before he does, Pip tells Magwitch that his daughter is alive, that she's a beautiful lady, and that she's loved by Pip. Magwitch kisses Pip's hand, a peaceful look washes over him, and he passes away. Upon realizing he's dead, Pip utters, "O Lord, be merciful to him a sinner!" (4.56.

What does wemmick advise Pip to get a hold of?

What does Wemmick advise Pip to get hold of? He tells Pip to hold onto the "portable property", whatever valuable artifacts they may have with them off their hands.

When Pip confesses his love for Estella how does Miss Havisham react?

She sees herself in Pip, and realizes that she is responsible for Estella's having no heart as she looks at Pip with "incredulous wonder." It is at this point that Miss Havisham realizes the terrible mistake that she has made in fostering coldness and cruelty in Estella.

Why did Molly give up Estella?

Jaggers decided to give Estella to Mrs. Havisham because he believed she would have the best chance at living a normal life with the old woman. "children He convinced Molly to give her up, telling her, "Give the child into my hands, and I will do my best to bring you off.

Why do you think Dickens writes about Pip's visions first of Estella and then of Miss Havisham in the old brewery?

Dickens describes Pip's first impressions, or visions, of Estella and Miss Havisham in order to convey to his reading public that not only the poor, but also the rich are imprisoned, although in a different manner. As Pip has observed, the house is barred, it is dark and dusty.

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