Is VHF Line Of Sight Only?

Is VHF line of sight only? Due to the way these radio waves travel, VHF is used when there is an unobstructed path between two radios. This is known as line-of-sight (LOS) communication.

Hereof, Do radio waves need line of sight?

It does not necessarily require a cleared sight path; at lower frequencies radio waves can pass through buildings, foliage and other obstructions.

Similarly one may ask, Why do communications get harder at greater distances? Communications get harder because a signal's strength gets weaker very quickly as distance increases. Mathematically, we say it weakens by the square of the distance from the starting point. That means that if you are twice as far away the signal is only one-fourth as strong.

Similarly one may ask, Why line-of-sight is required for FM?

Low-powered microwave transmitters can be foiled by tree branches, or even heavy rain or snow. The presence of objects not in the direct line-of-sight can cause diffraction effects that disrupt radio transmissions.

What is the major limitation of VHF radio?

What are the Limitations of VHF and UHF portable radio communications? The most common limitation of VHF/UHF technology is that it requires Line of Site (LoS) between transmission points. Whilst there are many tracks where this is not an issue, Kyalami is a challenge.

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Why do radio waves get weaker in space?

When you emit the radio signal it starts moving at the speed of light. Radio beam is diffusing with each kilometer the signal has traveled. To the nearby receiver the signal is strong. But if the receiver is far away, the signal will become weaker and weaker until it becomes a noise.

Does 2.4 GHz need line of sight?

Both frequencies need "line-of-sight" for proper and predictable operation. However some type of obstructions are more detrimental to a 2.4 GHz link. Trees with leaves that have dimensions near the wavelength of 2.4 GHz (but typically shorter than the wavelength of 900 MHz), will cause higher attenuation at 2.4 GHz.

Is Bluetooth line of sight?

Despite their weakness, Bluetooth signals don't require line of sight between devices. The radio waves will travel through walls easily, and their low power helps to reduce the chance of interference from other technologies that use radio waves, such as baby monitors and garage door openers.

Which wireless technology requires line of sight transmission?

Infrared communication uses invisible to the naked eye infrared light rather than radio waves. It is only used for short-range communication and requires a line of sight between the two devices (because light does not readily penetrate solid objects such as walls, unlike radio waves).

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