How Many MLB Teams Have A No-hitter?

How many MLB teams have a no-hitter? Through September 11, 2021, there have been 314 no-hitters officially recognized by Major League Baseball (MLB); the first 43 in the pre-modern era (before the formation of the American League in 1901) and the balance in the modern era.

On the contrary, What teams have been no-hit?

Every major league franchise has been no-hit at least twice, with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way with 20 no-nos thrown against the club over its long history.

Moreover, What MLB teams have been no-hit in 2021? Cleveland set an unwanted record by being no-hit a third time in 2021. The club has been blanked by Carlos Rodon,Wade Miley and the duo of Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader. There's still time for the Rangers and Mariners to join Cleveland on that list. The AL West clubs have both been no-hit twice.

On the other hand, When was the last no-hitter in MLB?

What MLB team has most no-hitters?

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Who has pitched a no-hitter?

Five pitchers have thrown a no-hitter in both the American League and the National League: Cy Young, Ryan, Jim Bunning, Nomo, and Randy Johnson.

Who has the most 1 hitters in MLB history?

Who has thrown no-hitters in 2021?

Has any MLB team been no-hit 3 times in a season?

Only the Giants (16), Braves (17) and Phillies and Dodgers (19 each) have been no-hit more than Cleveland. No team has ever been no-hit three times in the same season.

Does every team have a no hitter?

To this day, Major League Baseball officially recognizes 314 no-hitters, including the most recent thrown on September 11, 2021, by Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Los Angeles Dodgers have the most no-hitters in MLB history with 26, while five teams have just one.

What MLB team has the most perfect games?

  • Tampa Bay Rays, 0 at Seattle Mariners, 1.
  • Venue: Safeco Field, day game.
  • Attendance: 21,889.
  • Time: 2:22.
  • Caught by: John Jaso.
  • Umpires:
  • Box score and play-by-play.

  • Has any MLB team never won a World Series?

    The Seattle Mariners are the only current MLB franchise that has never appeared in a World Series; the San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and Milwaukee Brewers have all played in the Series but have never won it. The current World Series champions are the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Who is the youngest pitcher to throw a no hitter?

    Does Roger Clemens have any no-hitters?

    1. Roger Clemens. Just like both Steve Carlton and Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens was a phenom who barely even flirted with perfection in his career. Rocket had 13 two-hitters in his career, but that was the only regular-season one-hitter and the only time he made it into the eighth inning with a shot at a no-hitter.

    Which team has been no hit the most in a season?

    What's the fastest pitch ever?


    What is the fastest pitch ever thrown?

    Fastest pitch ever thrown

    As a result, Aroldis Chapman is credited with throwing the fastest pitch in MLB history. On Sept. 24, 2010, Chapman made MLB history. Then a rookie relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, the fireballer unleashed a fastball clocked at 105.1 mph by PITCH/fx.

    Who is the oldest player in baseball?

    Oldest active MLB players:

    Adam Wainwright (P) – Cardinals: 40 Years, 25 Days. Nelson Cruz (DH) – Rays: 41 Years, 85 Days. Rich Hill (P) – Mets: 41 Years, 197 Days. Albert Pujols (1B/DH) – Dodgers: 41 Years, 251 Days.

    What pitcher has the most saves in the MLB All Time?

    How many times has Seattle been no hit?

    The Seattle Mariners are a Major League Baseball franchise based in Seattle, Washington. Formed in 1977, they play in the American League West division. Pitchers for the Mariners have thrown six (6) no-hitters in franchise history.

    How many MLB teams are there?


    How many times has a triple play happen?

    Triple plays happen infrequently – there have been 727 triple plays in Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1876, an average of approximately five per season – because they depend on a combination of two elements, which are themselves uncommon: First, there must be at least two baserunners, and no outs.

    Has there ever been a 27 pitch game?

    Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

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