Can You Put Too Much Bromine In A Hot Tub?

Can you put too much bromine in a hot tub? When they are too high in a hot tub this can be uncomfortable for hot tub owners to sit in. High bromine/chlorine levels can be very irritating on a person's skin, eyes and respiratory system. It can cause red itchy skin, red itchy eyes, and effect the lungs in a negative way.

On the other hand, How many bromine tablets should I put in my spa?

How many bromine tablets should you put in your spa? Some bromine dispensers can hold up to 6 tablets, but in most cases you should start with just 1-2 to avoid your bromine levels climbing too high.

In conjunction with, How often should I add bromine to my hot tub? You should ensure that your hot tub bromine level is always between 3-5ppm (parts per million. The addition of bromine will depend upon usage and bathing habits. It could be daily or every 2-3 days (for 3ppm add 12g per 1500 litres).

In conjunction with, How much bromine do I need for a 300 gallon hot tub?



How much bromine is too much?

If you want to know if your chlorine or bromine levels are too high, you must test your water. The recommended level of chlorine or bromine in your hot tub is between 1 and 3 parts per million (ppm). When you test your water, any reading above 3 is on the high side.

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How soon can you use hot tub after adding bromine?

Chemicals in your hot tub water can be a delicate balance. So it's crucial to maintain the levels of pH, Alkalinity, and Chlorine or Bromine, also known as sanitizers. You should wait 12 hours before entering the hot tub when you've added either chlorine or bromine to allow it to take effect properly.

How do I add bromine to my hot tub?

  • Add sodium bromide to your spa, following the label instructions, each time you drain and refill.
  • Use spa shock after building your bromide bank, and weekly thereafter, to activate bromine.
  • Use bromine tablets in a small floater, to help maintain bromide and bromine levels.

  • What is better for a spa bromine or chlorine?

    Bromine works better at higher temperatures than chlorine. Above 75°F, bromine remains stable, whereas chlorine is more effective in temperatures as low as 65°F. This makes bromine a better choice for hot tubs and spas, and an unheated pool will be better served by the use of chlorine.

    Can you use bromine in a lazy spa?

    As with chlorine, you can use either bromine tablets or bromine granules. The procedure for each is the same as with chlorine – the tablets fit into the plastic floater and dissolve through the water, the granules go directly into the water.

    Can I crush up Bromine tablets?

    Crush up 5 or 6 bromine tablets and add the “crushings” to the water (this can be a bit expensive, and also adds a large amount of whatever other chemicals are in the bromine tablets to the water).

    How do you set a bromine floater?

    Do you use stabilizer with bromine?

    Our bromine tablets are a mixture of 61% bromine, and 27% chlorine, but require no stabilization. However, it is generally accepted that when using bromine, one should increase the residual by a factor of two, or double the dose. This may lead you to think that you would use double the amount of bromine tablets.

    What pH level should a hot tub be?

    Ideal pH Range for Hot Tubs: 7.2 – 7.8. Testing Hot Tub pH: Test your hot tub's pH level regularly (ideally twice per week) with a test kit or test strips. In addition, we recommend periodically (once per month) taking a water sample to a dealer test station to verify the results.

    Will adding bromine lower pH?

    Does Bromine affect pH level? Bromine has a low pH of around 4, and using bromine tablets will slowly lower pH and alkalinity over time, requiring additions of a base chemical to raise pH and alkalinity. The same can be said for chlorine tablets, which have a pH even lower, around 3.

    How do you activate bromine in a spa?

    Activate the bromide by adding a shock treatment to the spa water. Use a spa shock treatment to sanitize your water and activate the bromide ions to turn them into bromine. Add the treatment according to the instructions on the packaging. Turn the jets on full blast to circulate the treatment for 10 minutes.

    Can you put bromine and chlorine in a hot tub?

    Whether you choose chlorine or bromine, DO NOT: mix them together in the water. This can also cause a dangerous chemical reaction. If you're going to switch from one to the other, you'll need to drain and clean your hot tub, and do a line flush.

    What if bromine level is too high in pool?

    What are the side effects of bromine?

    Breathing bromine gas could cause you to cough, have trouble breathing, get a headache, have irritation of your mucous membranes (inside your mouth, nose, etc.), be dizzy, or have watery eyes. Getting bromine liquid or gas on your skin could cause skin irritation and burns.

    How do you shock a hot tub with bromine tablets?

    Add 3-4 Bromine Tablets to Float (brominator) and adjust release opening, more or less, as experience dictates over time. Submerge float in spa to release air bubbles then let it float to the surface. Maintain bromine at 3 – 5 ppm. Add tablets as depleted.

    Is bromine easier on skin than chlorine?

    Bromine and chlorine will sanitize and oxidize pool or spa water, but bromine works better at higher temperatures and is softer on the skin, whereas chlorine is cheaper, works for longer, and doesn't break down as quickly in ultraviolet light, especially when coupled with cyanuric acid.

    Can you use shock with bromine?

    You can still use a chlorine shock even if you use a bromine sanitiser, however, you should never mix chemicals dry. Add the chlorine shock after a water change or heavy use and wait for the chlorine level to reduce before adding your bromine.

    What shock Do I use with bromine?

    Bromine. Use chlorine shock. But, just as with chlorine, you can also use non-chlorine shock for all the same reasons.

    What chemicals should I put in my hot tub for the first time?

    This all-in-one kit includes all the essential items you will need to start up your hot tub, including:

  • AquaChek 6in1 Test Strips (50 Strips)
  • Granular pH Minus (2 lbs.)
  • Granular pH Plus (1.5 lbs.)
  • Granular Non-Chlorine Shock (2 lbs.)
  • Liquid Prevent II (16 oz.)
  • Granular Chlor-Aid (2 lbs.)

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