About Us

When do you find yourself searching for a quick answer to a question on the internet and getting lost in an avalanche of text-heavy websites? You type your search query into your favorite search engine and get inundated with laughable web pages, most of which contain information that has nothing to do with your question.

Or maybe you're like me and find yourself opening up that same webpage with the answer to your question, but you can't find it. You end up reading through page after page of uninteresting information until your eyesight starts to go blurry and your brain is screaming for mercy.

But what if there was an easier way? What if you could just ask your question on Google or any other typical search engine and it would give you the answer right away by telling you the first sentence of the paragraph where your answer can be found? Yeah, I wouldn't mind that either."

I'm sure you're all familiar with the feeling. Everyone has been there, really wanted to find something quickly but couldn't because it was too hard to find through all the text. That's where we come in; Chetumenu.com is here for that one quick thing that you want to know everything about. We make sure every detail is covered and leave no questions unanswered.

It is not difficult to find the answer to your question, but it does take some effort. Luckily for you, we are here with our machine learning and artificial intelligence skills. All you have to do is give us a question and we will do the hard work of finding the answer inside.

We understand that you may want all the details, but we’ve condensed the answer. If you need more, click on the button next to the answer for a complete response. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens (though not often) that our answer is irrelevant or incorrect.

Moreover, if you want detail to it, then simply click the button next to the answer’s end, to read full answer. But sometimes it may happen (although not very often) that our answer to your question may not be relevant or altogether incorrect. Our algorithm is being trained and gets smarter. We are working on the project to make it better, but in any case if you need assistance please contact us at any time. Your small effort will help the community out a lot.